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2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee at Thomson Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram

The Jeep Grand Cherokee 2016 model is a robust and popular vehicle. The vehicle is in high demand for many buyers because of the bold and sporty exterior. When buyers look inside the Grand Cherokee the luxurious additions that were added in the 2016 year will stick out. One of the biggest things that buyers will be a big fan of is how the vehicle now is engineered for better fuel efficiency. The more miles buyers can travel with a full gas tank, the better! The exciting new paint color that the Jeep brand is offering for the 2016 Grand Cherokee is known as Ivory Tri-coat, made to appear on the SRT, Summit and Overland models.

Under the Grand Cherokee’s Hood

The Jeep brand remodeled the 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee for better fuel economy. Making the fuel efficiency better was possible due to the Engine Stop-Start (ESS) technology addition. When the driver switches the engine to off and it is in park the Engine Stop-Start technology increases fuel longevity. When the engine isn’t running the vehicle still has the power to keep the inside amenities turned on. The Engine Stop-Start technology is simple for the driver to work due to the system being automatic, requiring little effort from the driver. There is a 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine within the 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee model that has 295 horsepower while also being able to tow 7400 pounds with a crawl ratio of 44.1:1. The towing feature is great for family camping trips or road trips. The eight speed automatic transmission comes engineered into all models and allows for great shifting capabilities and a boosted acceleration rate.Various other characteristics that the interior of the vehicle is equipped with include: power steering, Exhaust-Gas Recirculation (EGR), clean-diesel, decreased tire rolling and on-road driving stability. Switching paddle shifters on or off via the inside of the Grand Cherokee is new as well for the 2016 model. This allows for the driver to concentrate better on the roads while driving.

Design of Jeep Grand Cherokee

The exterior colors offered for the 2016 model include: red, silver, granite, white, crystal and black. The number of different colors that are available appeal to buyers. Exterior features of the new model include: fog and tail lamp bezels, grille rings, lower front and rear fascia, 20-inch wheels and HID headlamps.Sleek leather seats with black stitching is on the inside of the cabin. Technology systems offered for the Grand Cherokee include: Wi-Fi, voice messaging and Uconnect display radio that can hook up to other devices.

Is the fuel efficiency better for the 2016 model?


What are some of the exterior paint colors offered?

Red, silver, granite, white, crystal and black.


There is an array of different safety features worth mentioning for the 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee model. Safety features include: active head restraints, forward collision assistance, trailer-sway control, cruise control, Electronic Roll Mitigation, blind-spot assistance, stability control and many more! With the Normal, Sport and Comfort models there is an automatic steering option that is very impressive as well. In conclusion, drivers will continue to have a smooth and exciting driving experience with the 2016 Grand Cherokee.