An American Culinary Road Trip

Culinary Road TripAlthough flying has become the standard for fast and comfortable travelling, there is nothing comparable with the thrill and engagement offered by a road trip across the country. The open road and changing landscape are the ultimate symbols of freedom, while along the way you can visit famous sites and enjoy local food from the best or the most famed restaurants. The map offers you countless ways to put together your itinerary. Wherever you’re going, there are certain places you don’t want to miss for anything in the world. This article will explore 4 such memorable places to drive to.
Heart Attack Grill
We all know the dangers of adopting an unhealthy diet. Most food places will try to hide it inside generous menus, while a few of them take pride in serving food that can be harmful to your body. The Las Vegas based restaurant – “Heart Attack Grill” is certainly a bizarre place to visit. The restaurant is built around a hospital theme and definitely has an unusual approach towards its customers. The names of star dishes include Coronary Dog and Bypass Burger, while the restaurant owner takes pride in exposing the cremated remains of a dead customer. Offering free food for those over 350 lbs, “Heart Attack Grill” is a place that matches the extravagant air of Vegas and which you should include on your list of places to explore, just before starting a long night at the casino.
The Varsity 
If you pass through Atlanta there is no place with more history than the world’s largest drive-in – The Varsity. The location from Downtown Atlanta extends on more than two acres and can accommodate 600 cars and over 800 people inside. Over 30,000 people visit The Varsity when the Georgia Tech Yellowjackets are playing a home game. The catchphrase ‘What’ll ya have?”, together with other elements of slang, has become a symbol of the place.  The Varsity eventually began listing its items with both their conventional and jargon references on both their overhead and printed menus. The Varsity has kept the spirit of the 20th-century intact, having classic drive-in menus, not straying far from burgers, dogs, fries, colas and shakes, and their famous fried pies established in 1928.  The Varsity offers a slice of old Atlanta’s history, beside its usual meal, and it is a place you should not miss out on.
Dick’s Last Resort 
If you are tired of fancy looking restaurants with politically correct staff and complicated meals, then “Dick’s Last Resort” can be a walk down a road less traveled. With 17 locations across the country, the small bar and restaurant chain is famous for its intentional employment of an obnoxious staff. At “Dick’s Last Resort” the menu is influenced by the southern cuisine, and consists mostly of hamburgers, barbecue, and seafood items. Going to such a restaurant is definitely a different kind of dining experience, but it’s best enjoyed by those with a good sense of humor, who don’t take the insults received from the staff too seriously. You can find a “Dick’s Last Resort” in Dallas, San Antonio, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Nashville, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Orlando, San Diego, Las Vegas, Newport, or Baltimore.  However you are planning to navigate along the major roads, “Dick’s Last Resort” should definitely be a stop on your list.
Forbes Island 
Forbes Island is definitely the best place to end your trip across the country.  It is where the sun sets into the Pacific Ocean. Located at the northern tip of the San Francisco Peninsula, along the San Francisco Bay, Fisherman’s Wharf is San Francisco’s most popular destination among travelers. Located near Pier 39, Forbes Island provides a fantastic experience with incredible views of San Francisco Bay, Downtown, Alcatraz, and the Golden Gate Bridge.  Forbes Island is a small floating wooden island that includes a lighthouse, waterfall, and many palm trees. It was built in 1975 and was originally intended to be a floating home. The dining room is partially under water and portholes give you an underwater view right from your table. Eating here will not be as inexpensive as you would like it to be, but it can provide an experience worthy to be remembered and empty your pockets for.
Author Note: Esther S. Lewis is the owner and author of the Queen Bee Esther Blog.
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