Choosing the Right Family Vehicle in Thomson, Georgia

Family Vehicle

Vehicles have changed so much over the past decade. Emission laws have changed, vehicles shapes have changed, operating systems have changed, and with this, a new era of family vehicles have come to light. These days, cars come in all shapes and sizes and every color of the rainbow. They’re loaded with all kinds of tech gadgets, power everything, and more bells and whistles thank you can count. But how do you know which kind of vehicle is right for you and your family. Do you go for gas mileage, or safety features? Is color a deal breaker? Here’s a few tips to help you on your car buying journey.

Trucks and SUV’s:

These are workhorse vehicles by nature. If you need to haul things, or need to have access to an area which may not have a dedicated road, then the truck or SUV may be for you. These are not the most economical of vehicles though. Average gas mileage on a truck is 8-16 mpg. SUVs usually range middle teens to low twenties.

Though, if you have a large family, the SUV may be what you need. With space for 5 to 8 passengers plus cargo room in the back, the SUV is ideal for soccer moms and dads on the go. If you need to haul things, the truck is your best bet. Got a boat or camper? then you better have a truck.

However, with cross over SUV’s and hybrid ones too; while more costly will definitely get you more bang (or space) for your buck.

2 Door and 4 Door Vehicles:

These are the economical choice for most drivers. Most 2 door cars are great for high school and college students. They have enough room to haul a few friends, but get good enough gas mileage that they won’t break the bank. 4 door cars come with a great host of safety features and are the vehicle of choice for most starter and small families. They get gas mileages in the high 20’s to low 30’s and have enough trunk space to hold strollers and groceries.

Specialty vehicles:

Sports Cars: These are toys. There is no practical need for a sports car, but let’s face it, there is something truly awesome about having all of that horsepower under the hood, and knowing that you can blow the doors off of most everything on the road. Buying a sports car could be a gift for a car enthusiast. They usually love these kinds of vehicles, especially limited edition ones.

Hybrids: This is my personal favorite type of vehicle for everyday use. 50 miles to the gallon in the city for some of them means I get to take home more of my paycheck. If you have a long commute seriously consider one of these. Most manufacturers make a hybrid model of one of their vehicles. Be sure to check out hybrid SUV’s too!

Knowing what kind of vehicle will best suit your family is the first step to getting the right one. Vehicles are expensive and not a purchase to take lightly. Being prepared and asking questions at the dealership will help ensure that you get exactly what you’re shopping for.

Thomson has a dedicated staff who is more than willing to spend time with you and help find the vehicle that works the best for you and your family! Check out our “Meet the Staff” page to learn more. If you wanted to also get a head start on looking at vehicles that may be for you go ahead and check out our “New Inventory.”

Authors Note: Maria Briggs is a local writer and owner of the blog Adventures of the Mamma Homemaker. In her blog she conquers homemaking one adventure at a time.

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