Fall Maintenance for your Jeep

Summer’s winding down, which means that the temperature will start getting cooler, stores will be breaking out the apple cider, and its time for some essential maintenance on your Jeep. We know that no one likes taking the time to go to the garage to get these small things done, but they are essential to ensure that your Jeep lives and long and healthy life and so you avoid more costly repairs later. Here are some simple tips to follow so you can spend less time worrying about your Jeep and more time seeing the beautiful fall foliage.

Change the Oil
Your engine is the heart and soul of your Jeep, and if it’s not working, you won’t make it out of your driveway. Since your oil breaks down from heat and time, it’s essential to keep up with regular oil changes so that your engine works properly and doesn’t get contaminated with fine particles. Check your owner’s manual to see how often you should get it changed and make sure you get a window sticker to let you know when the next time comes around. We here at Thomson Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram have talented staff to assist you with your upcoming oil change if needed.

Flushing Jeep Coolant and Antifreeze
No matter what the season, keeping your engine cool is critical. If you use air conditioning during the first couple of hot weeks into the fall than having the engine run at the right temperature is vital. Heat can also destroy your engine by causing gaskets to blow, engine heads to warp, and radiators and hoses to burst. One of the best things you can do for your Jeep is to change the fluid when it’s required. Have it flushed out of the radiator and the engine block and then replace it with the proper fluid. Here at Thomson, we carry coolant and antifreeze, as well as all the factory MOPAR fluids your Jeep uses.

Flushing Transmission Fluids
Though they can go longer than engine oil, it’s still a good idea to get your transmission fluids changed at regular intervals. It doesn’t matter if you have an automatic transmission or a manual one, the liquid should still be flushed and replaced when required. Automatic transmission engines typically run 100 degrees hotter, so the fluids tend to get brown and burnt looking when you change them. Be sure to consult your Jeeps manual to see which fluids are recommended because using the wrong one can damage the transmission. Automatic transmissions typically require you to change the filter at the same time you change the transmission fluid and those filters are specific to each transmission, so make sure to head down to the dealership as we likely have the one you need. Manual transmission only requires you to drain the fluid and refill it something that we can do for you as well.

Jeep Gear and Axle Fluids
Your axles tend to work hard so these critical parts will also need regular fluid changes, especially if you do a ton of off-roading. Different axles use different fluids, but with today’s models, it will depend on whether you have Limited Slip Differential and if your Jeep requires a synthetic gear oil. Whatever you need, we have it, so your all set! Take note that Jeeps with Limited Slip Differential require a special additive in addition to the gear oil.

Rotate Your Tires
Keeping your tires rotated is especially crucial if you have larger tires as they aren’t cheap and you want to get the most out of your tires as you can. Rotating your tires every so often allows you to get even wear on the tread. If you own a Jeep with front-wheel-drive, the rear tires will wear faster than the front so be sure to have them rotated regularly. A good idea might also be to get bad weather tires for any bad weather that might come your way.

Keeping up with the maintenance on your Jeep is essential as the season’s change and the weather gets colder. Luckily you don’t have to do all of this yourself! We here at Thomson Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM are happy to assist you with anything you need to make sure that your Jeep runs smoothly. Be sure to schedule an appointment here on our website so that our knowledgeable mechanics can take a look at your vehicle before the leaves change!