Fiat Introduces Urbana Models



About Fiat and the 500s:
Fiat aims to empower Italian heritage with a unique style. With each of the vehicles in its 500 model lineup, you will see a small car that dreams big. The three big models would be the 500, 500X, and the 500L. Each of these comes with its own awards, style, and capabilities. The 500 was built solely for speed, style, and fun. The 500X rearranged this set up to include a more advanced safety capability and added comfort. The 500L then brings everything back to the roots with an all-around Italian design and even further styling features.

What has been made new for 2018?
The all-new Urbana Edition comes with an all-new urban look that includes black sport cloth front bucket seats outlined in silver accent stitching, hyper-black aluminum wheels 16-inches in size, and black-trimmed exterior lights. On top of this, five colors have been made available for exterior paint options. These choice would be Granito Gray, Bianco White Ice, Metallo Gray, Perla White Tri-Coat, and Pompei Silver.

The Fiat 500 Urbana Edition
2018 brings the 500 Pop hatchback, an Urbana Edition option. With the Urbana Edition, the Pop hatchback has access to unique headlights, 16-inch hyper-black aluminum wheels, black-trimmed exterior lights, signature Urbana Edition elements, black Sport Cloth front bucket seats, a black instrument-panel bezel, and many available exterior paint options. This Edition gives freedom of customization for the Pop trim.

The Fiat 500L Urbana Edition
On the 500L you can add the Urbana Edition to the Trekking trim level for black exterior mirrors, 17-inch black aluminum wheels, a black roof, and the choice of six exterior paints. These paint options would include the Giallo, Bianco, Bronzo Metallizato, Blu Denim, Blue Tornado, or even Arancio Pastello.

The Fiat 500X Urbana Edition
The Urbana Edition is available to the 500X through its Trekking trim. This Edition brings in tailgate release and skid plates, tail-lamp surrounds, everything highlighted with a copper-accented side molding, door handles in all black, black painted mirror caps, Miron wheels with a copper center cap accent, 18-inch wheels, Mopar side molding, dark headlamp surrounds, and black side roof rails. You can also find a copper 500 logo on the instrument panel, a black-painted center console, vent bezels, a Miron-painted radio, and a door-panel bezel.

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