Time to Spring Clean your Car

Spring cleaning stirs up something inside all of us. It gets us excited for spring! Spring cleaning means
warmer weather is coming and soon we’ll be at the pool enjoying the sunshine. But before the fun
begins, it’s time to spring clean your car. While spring cleaning your vehicle isn’t rocket science, it is nice
to have a guide to help you accomplish such a task.

#1. Start with the clutter
Before you can even begin the process of spring cleaning your car, you need to get rid of the clutter. Yes,
this means you need to take everything out of your car that’s not attached. Take out the sports gear,
fast food wrappers, fast food toys, and anything else you find on the floor. This is the time to get the
extra out!

#2. Remove the car seats
You should choose to spring clean the vehicle when you’re able to take out the car seats. I know it’s
easier to keep the car seats in, but you’ll want to take the car seats out for this process. Car seats harbor
so much dirt and grime. You need to take them out in order to really spring clean your car.

#3. Take the vacuum to your car
You can take your car somewhere and have it vacuumed, but it’s better to just do it yourself. You can
use the hose on your household vacuum or get out the shop vac for this job. You will probably find
yourself vacuuming for a while, so carve out enough time to do so. You won’t believe all the crums you
will find in your car from winter.

#4. Scrub the seats
If you have slime stuck to your seats or some other liquids or foods, you’re going to want to scrub those
seats. If you have a carpet cleaner wand extension, you can use this to clean your seats. Otherwise, you
may need to call in the professionals for this one! However, you will be very pleased that you took the
time to clean those seats!

#5. Pick out a good air freshener
Do you know what a good air freshener can do for your vehicle? Once you’re done cleaning it out, pick
out an air freshener for it. While the air freshener won’t last forever, it’ll help you extend that “I just
cleaned out my vehicle” spring clean feeling.

#6. Run your car through a decent car wash
After you have spent all that time spring cleaning the inside of your vehicle, you will want to take the
time to clean the outside. Take your car to the best car wash in town and splurge a little! You’ll want the
outside cleanliness to match the inside!