Top Travel Games for Kids

Eight Top Travel Toys for Kids Under 8If you’re taking a road trip, it is tempting to immediately grab the electronics to satiate boredom in the car.  But I think sitting in the car is a perfect opportunity for little minds to explore and learn.  So I’ve compiled eight terrific toys perfect for the road.  How did these toys make the list?  I know my kids–ages one through six–would love them, but that’s not all.  To make the list the toy had to meet four criteria.  First, the toy has nearly a perfect Amazon star rating, second, it is reasonably priced, third it is educational or mentally stimulating, and fourth, the toy is practical for travel.  Here they are in order from lowest to highest price.  None of these toys are over $25!

Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pad $3-$5

These can last for hours.  And because the stickers are reusable, your little one can create a scene, come back, take it apart, and invent an entirely new scene using the same backdrops and stickers. You can’t beat the price and there are varieties to fit the tastes of boys and girls. The only drawback would be the amount of stickers.  There is the possibility that stickers can fall.

I Spy Little Animals Board Book Price $3-$6

I can see my three year old diving into this book.  It is an I-Spy book-where the reader finds hidden objects-but one suited for toddlers and small children.  Not only are the pictures visually stimulating, but also your child can practice animal names and sounds.

Melissa & Doug Travel Memory Game $7-$13

This memory game is just like any other except it does not use dozens of loose cards flipped over.  Instead, there is a holder with moveable windows and interchangeable cards with pictures for matching.  This set comes with seven cards-double sided for lots of variety.

Spot It Game  $11-$12

This is one of the highest rated games on Amazon overall, so that in itself is impressive.  The child takes two random cards, and spots the matching two pictures.  There is the chance that these cards would fall to the floor of the car.  But because only two cards are needed at a time, the rest of the game pieces are pretty secure in the circular tin.

ThinkFun Rush Hour Jr. $14 – $20

This is also one of the highest rated games on Amazon.  It is a great thinking game as the child tries to re-arrange cars on a board.

Magnetic MightyMind  Price $18-$22

The child tries to copy an image on one of the cards using the magnetic shapes while the other cards sit in the tin.  So the tin serves as the game board and as the container-nice and compact.

Buckle Toy “Buster”  $19.99

There are several other toys similar to Buster on Amazon, however, this “Original” received the highest ratings.  Little hands can practice connecting four different types of buckles all while enjoying the Plush “Buster” toy.  I could see this being great for kids from baby to toddler.

Tegu Pocket Pouch Magnetic Wooden Block Set $24.99

Although a bit pricey for an eight-piece set of blocks, it is certainly one of a kind.  Tegu blocks are award winning, and best of all for the car-they stick together!  Your child can create towers, bridges, cars, anything, while all the pieces remain in-tact.

Keep These Toys Special and Separate

In order for these toys to occupy little minds, it is important that you keep them separate from everyday toys.  Put them in a “Road-Trip Only” bin and don’t allow your child to play with them outside of the car.  This way, your child won’t tire of them easily, they will be special, and create excitement during long trips on the road.

Author’s Note: Christina is a local FL writer and owner of the blog Laughing and Losing It In her blog she shares the joys and insanity of Motherhood through tips, crafts, thoughts, and laughter. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+!

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