Vacation Packing Hacks

While you are making your vacation plans, be sure to add a quick trip to the nearest dollar store to stock up on vacation supplies a must-do. Even if you aren’t a frequent shopper at these stores, there are so many items you will need for your family vacation and you can find them at those stores. You’ll be able to find a ton on inexpensive items that only cost a dollar and that means you can save some money before your trip. That way you’ll have a few extra bucks to spend on your vacation.

Extra USB Chargers– We never seem to have enough USB chargers around here and when they only cost a dollar, I don’t mind grabbing a few extras for everyone before we travel.

Kids Sunglasses-If you have little kids, you want to grab sunglasses for them; however, if your kids are like mine, those sunglasses won’t last too long. From getting lost somewhere in the car or trampled on by siblings, sunglasses have a short lifespan. But if you grab a few pairs for just a dollar, you won’t need to worry about lost or destroyed kid’s sunglasses and you can keep a few on hand to replace the last pair.

Puzzles, stickers, coloring books and workbooks– There’s no need to spend more than a dollar on these must-have travel items. You can fill up a book bag full of these fun-filled activities for your kids and not spend a lot of money. You can also grab a baking sheet from the dollar store and use it as a lapboard while your child works on the puzzles and workbooks in the car.

Beach Toys– The best part about dollar store beach toys is that you can trash them after your vacation—one less thing to pack. So, before you head out to some fun in the sun, grab all of the shovels, buckets, and other sand toys your kids will love playing with.

Pop-Up Laundry Basket– Use the laundry basket to pack items like toys, blankets, or even food on the way to your trip. Then if you are headed to the beach, toss beach and sand toys into the laundry basket. When the beach day is done, just shake off the sand for an easy clean up. Then on your way home, use the clean laundry basket to tote all of your dirty clothes for an easy transition to the laundry room.